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For Bee Lovers, by Bee Lovers


An apiarist enjoys working with an unusual kind of pet, the honeybee. Because bees and other pollinators are so important to a healthy environment scientists encourage “bee-spotting” to improve fruits and vegetables. My goal as a beekeeper is to help people fall in love with bees and beekeeping for a lifetime not just a season.

  • We want to encourage beekeeping and bee caring in all its forms by education of our
    community and aspiring new beekeepers. 

  • From ownership of personal hives to hive adoption.

  • Creating pollinator gardens and reduction of chemical pesticide and herbicide use. 

  • Overall Food system support.

  • The bees need our help, and we need theirs for our food chain to continue. Sustainability depends on every one of US! 

  • Educating and understanding these creatures as a vital resource is necessary.

Honey Bees Beekeeping

An Apiarist & Her Aspirations

Queens Nucs Contract Beekeeping Assistance

What our Customers are Saying

Google review:  "Ms. Wellons is so knowledgeable regarding honeybees and everything bee related! We have taken her beekeeper classes for 'newbees' and purchased honey from her on multiple occasions. I can't recommend this business enough! "~ Vicki R.

Google review: "Dianne has been INCREDIBLE to have as a mentor and business provider!!! For anyone who is new to beekeeping or considering it I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her. She is professional and patient. 5 stars!!!"

~Hillary M.

Having met Diane through our local beekeeping club, I've found her knowledge and willingness to help others to be invaluable. Being a 2nd-year beekeeper, I still find myself needing advice and I love that I can bounce thoughts off Diane for use in my own apiary. Beekeeping can be challenging and having such a knowledgeable person just a phone call (or text) away is wonderful. Her own apiary is organized, clean, and well-managed. It is always a pleasure to work with Diane whether it is in her apiary or my own.

~ Valerie K.B., Lexington Park, MD

Diane is a great wealth of knowledge who truly cares about you and your bees' success. She is willing to go out of her way to make sure you receive the best quality products. I purchased a Nucleus colony of bees from her and she not only took the time to ensure the nuc was set up for success but helped guide me through the installation process, (even took pictures!) She is always willing to take the time to pass on her experiences and offer solid advice. The bees I purchased from Diane are thriving and I couldn't be happier with the experience I had working with her. I am thrilled to have met Diane and be able to use her as a resource to further the bees. I highly recommend her for all your bee needs!

~ Nathan T., Leonardtown, MD

Diane is a wonderful beekeeper! She practices a very natural approach with minimally invasive techniques. Her knowledge and experience show in every aspect of her work. I had the pleasure of installing my very first bee package with her and things couldn't have gone more smoothly. You won't be disappointed with the quality of Deez L'Town Bees!

~ Rachel N., Lusby, MD  

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