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Apiary Classes

Starting your sweet journey as a beekeeper?  Let me BEE your guide!

At your apiary or at ours. We can create a class just for you. 


This is a working classroom with active bees
~ BYOV (Bring Your Own VEIL) ~


Honey bees are relatively friendly creatures although most of us were taught at a young age to fear the sting of bees. My mom is allergic to bee venom, so I was always afraid of getting stung. Now it's part of my daily life. It does hurt a bit, but I've gotten used to it and know I will be fine given some time. 

Apprentice Education Opportunities

I'm a member of the Association of Southern MD Beekeepers and co-teach their beginner beekeeper short course in January/February each year at the College of Southern Maryland.

Look on the CSM Website Winter catalog. The class is found under Personal Enrichment - Home & Garden.

Education Services for large/small groups
Group education services for team building, schools, scout troups, etc.
Master Beekeeper
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