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Consults & Services

Call 240-925-1944 or email 

Honey Bee Swarm Removal/Rehome

Swarm Removal Service

Beekeeping Classes and Education

Observation Hive & Team Building Events

Nuc and Queen Bee Sales Spring to August Annually

Maryland Overwintered Nucs

Southern Maryland Overwintered Nucleus Colonies

We have stock that are Carniolan/Italian/VSH/ and from feral swarm captures and cut-outs.

They are Southern MD Mutts- Survivor stock from each of the last 6 years and queens created from those survivors.


5 Frames packed with bees, brood, and a proven queen plus food resources.

Pre-ordering is now available.  Spring Nucs will be ready by the end of April occasionally mid-April as the weather and the bees dictate. Minimum of 1/2 per colony required to reserve your nucs (this is a non-refundable deposit). Delivery is available upon request. 


2023 SPRING NUCS are Available again!!
With 2023 Queens

PRE-Orders AND WAIT LIST orders are completely filled.

We only pre-sell 2/3 of our supply in case some crazy calamity occurs (mother nature is a bit fickle in Southern Maryland.)  We want to ensure healthy vibrant nucs for each of our customers. We have more available NOW.

Please call or email Diane directly to order.

If a swarm happens, bees will naturally find a new home as half the hive leaves to create a new colony. 

We offer swarm removal services to the local area (tri-county Southern Maryland only). Just call and we’ll come help or we will reach out to other local beekeepers who specialize in Cut-Outs and complicated removals 

-they have the tools necessary to remove and re-home the swarm for you. 

Please call for immediate assistance with a swarm

Learn to raise honey bees through our educational services at Deez L’town Beez in Leonardtown, Maryland.

We can also make an educational appearance at your school, scout troop, club, or office function with a live portable observation beehive to help educate or promote beekeeping or just to teach folks about bees and how honey is made (hourly rate - 2 hr minimum). 

We can customize events to fit your needs.

Varroa Consultations and Education
Education Services for Classes, Scouts, Groups

I Make Hive Calls

President 2023

I'll come to your hive and talk you through splitting, adding or marking your queen, treating for varroa, as well as many other beekeeping and inspecting needs. Or perhaps you are a seasoned beekeeper who's ready to take your skills to the next level.  I can design a custom class, specific to your needs.

I am a member of the Association of So. MD beekeepers and have enjoyed 7 years of learning, educating and mentoring through the club. I have made great friends and contacts and awesome benefits and can highly recommend. Find them at 

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