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Meet Diane

My journey into beekeeping actually began with me getting sick and ultimately being diagnosed with Lyme disease.  I contracted this tick-borne illness while caring for our horses. Being in the yard in the sunshine and fresh air is my passion, being sick, not so much!

     After several years of IV therapy, doctor visits, and months of just feeling awful, I decided I needed to start looking for a more natural way to boost my immune system. My doctor told me to get some local honey. It's full of all kinds of wonderfully beneficial things that help a body heal, naturally. 

     It was hard to find. Bees are in decline and have been for a while, so there are fewer backyard beekeepers as well as apiarists who have honey to sell. That’s when it occurred to me that I could become a beekeeper and farm my own honey while doing a little to help the environment. So, I picked up a new hobby.   

     The beginning of a whole new kind of Zen and the end of being stuck inside and hooked up to IVs.  Bee-ing outside after years of illness felt like heaven; a real breakthrough. 


Once Upon A Time...

Diane had been really sick and was looking for a way to boost her immune system. Honey was her go-to. This inspired her to become a local beekeeper. Living in a rural community she wanted very much to protect and sustain our ecology. Protecting the bees is just a small way to help do that.

And That's Why I Love The Bees!

I fell in love with the bees. It’s quiet, peaceful, deliberate work. I love learning about them and helping others grow in their beekeeping journey. I have had much fewer issues with Lyme flairs since I have been handling the bees. I sincerely believe that it’s the bee stings/venom that is helping my body kill off the Lyme bacteria or maybe all the honey I’ve been eating? I’m not sure, but something has changed for the better and I can only attribute it to the bees.

I decided I like them so much that I want to build a business around beekeeping. I want to help others find the joy I have found in this hobby.  I started with three colonies.  I'm now up to 50 during the peak season and averaging 25 through the winter months.  I hope to make a difference right here in my own little corner of the little hive at a time. 

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