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Deez Projects

Master Beekeeper Unn. of MT

Build Your Own Apiary

Honey bees play an important role in our ecosystem and economy. They are pollinators that support the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants that help us sustain our source of food and shelter. If you want to become a beekeeper, talk to Diane @ Deez L’town Beez for our educational services. We’ll help you learn methods of raising bees for their honey, for pollination, and for sustainability. 


We also sell honey bees. "Nucs", Queens, and hive products galore. We offer new beekeeper classes and so much more.

Call 240-925-1944 or e-mail us today!  


You can become a supporter of Bees!  Even if you don't have the space for beehives in your yard or neighborhood, You can simply Adopt-a-Hive!  We would like everyone who wants a chance to help the environment to be able to do so!

For $99 per year, you can support a colony of bee


Beekeeping Apiary
  • 1 lb. of fresh honey from your adopted hive! (*season permitting)

  • Email updates with pictures about your colony throughout the year.
  • A certificate of appreciation 

  • Your name or business/group/league name is listed on this website (free advertising!) as a supporter of the environment and of Honey Bees as Thanks for supporting our sustainable business and our incredible food chain 

  • The satisfaction that your adoption fee is helping support our dwindling numbers of honeybees right here in Southern MD which are absolutely essential to our food supply

  • We use your donation to buy seeds for bee forage. Buckwheat, borage, vetch, clovers and so much more for the bees to pollinate/utilize for food. 

Here's what you
will get...

Adopt-a-Hive Sponsors

A Million Little
ey BEE Thanks
to this Year's Sponsors!

  • Jim Long - "Grace's Bees Hive" - March 2024

  • Sealing Technology - Hive Names "Bee Secure", "Tower of Beeza", "Sealing Swarm", "Mo Honey Mo Problems" and "Cyber BEEfenders" 
    - August 2023

  • Terry Hughes - Hive Name "T's Beez" - May 2023 

  • Greg Nelson - April 2023

  • Donna Bird - Hive Name "Bird's Bees" - April 2023

Or Donate to Our Apiary

Your generous support allows us to continue to manage our apiary in an ethical and sustainable way. With more than 50 colonies on site, we appreciate any and all assistance, financial, equipment, sugar, apiary work, gardening, seeds etc.

Thank you for your kindness and support. 

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Community Activities

Honey, Whipped Honey and Wax Products from the Hives
Beekeeping help for hire. Contract beekeeping
Spring Nuc sales Queen Sales
Queen Bees and Nucs for sale

How We Help You and Our Community

  • Deez L’town Beez serves the local community through educational services regarding EVERYTHING beekeeping. 

  • We will come to your school, group gatherings, or club meetings to talk about how to keep bees for their honey, how to raise them for healthy pollination, and how to sustain them for the future. See Services Page

  • For direct learning, we can bring an observation hive to display and use to teach and learn in a safe environment.

  • Reach out to us in Leonardtown, Maryland for more information!

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