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Home Grown in MD Nucleus Colonies

5 Frames total- 4 frames of bees and brood in all stages with Original Proven Source Queen plus 1 frame of resources. 

Pick up or Regional Delivery begins April/May 2024


2024 Overwintered Nucs FULL PMT

  • Nucs are from MD stock with proven source queen. We will not ship. Nucs must be picked up at our Leonardtown or Waldorf Apiaries OR you can arrange  an appointment for delivery (for a fee) by Diane.

    You must wear appropriate gear and bring your hives/nuc boxes for transport to the pick up location as we will pull the bees from our hives and place them directly into your hives. We will spot the queen and make certain the bees have what they need to succeed. We have transport boxes for a fee or you can borrow and return with advanced notice so we have them on hand.

    These are full active apiaries with up to 50 colonies on each site. Please do not bring young children or those with bee sting allergies to pick up without appropriate gear. When you arrive there will be bees flying and splitting bees for nucs causes disruption to their normal activities and they often let us know we are not wanted during this process. Caution is necessary and required.

    Once the bees are loaded in your vehicle they are your livestock and we highly recommend you make haste to relocate them to your property. Honey Bees generate a lot of heat and can become easily overheated in Nuc boxes or in the back of a truck bed. It is imperative that you get them home and into their new location as soon as possible to avoid potential loss of life or heat damage to your queen and colony. 

    Maryland state law requires registration of your bees and we recommend you do this day 1 to avoid any conflict with applicable state laws. Cybil Preston, the state apiary inspector, is wonderful and a great source of information. It is free and easy and may save the life of your colony at some point. For a registration form, go to


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